In these works I wanted to create architectural features and shapes on a scale that allows you to relate to it in a different way than the viewer is used to. Creating my sculptures on a smaller scale than actual architecture, gives the viewer the ability to walk up to a form and interact with it unlike the viewer can with actual architecture. For example in my piece titled Large Arches, the arches that I create playfully interact with each other as they bend, slant, and skew in and out of each other and are a size that the viewer can walk around and comfortably interact with. 

For this work I wanted to create an artwork using the repetition smaller multiple pieces to create something larger. I positioned the multiples creating solid structures, fragmented structures, and barriers so that they create different formations for the viewer to interact with in the space. 

       Utilizing wood and concrete helps emphasize and highlight the line work within these pieces. The minimal amount of lines and shadows give the viewer the ability to imagine and create new shapes and forms.

       In this body of work I used the idea of framework in architecture. I used concrete and rebar and abstracted these materials in a way that is not normally seen in architectural construction. 

        Modern architecture is defined by the emphasis of lines that are used in the simplification of its forms. The lines, shapes, and sheer mass of structures are what I convey within my work. I use the shapes and lines that I see in my everyday life to create my minimal structures. By creating artwork on a larger scale allows the artwork to come into the viewer’s space, and by using industrial materials gives the artwork a seemingly larger weight and mass.